February 2021

Pianist Aimee Nolte has transcribed the music of Bill Evans and has some YouTube videos that describe his approach to music: https://youtu.be/IImQRQmQVxY https://youtu.be/Jo4Pmuq6fk0 https://youtu.be/p-HY9Rv1DYg

Enrico Pieranunzi has paired up with bass player Thomas Fonnesbæk in a new Tribute to Bill Evans - The Real You > https://youtu.be/JpzPl5EANKg https://youtu.be/hhzJgnpMvJ0 https://youtu.be/cxuJhf-Krm4

Listen to Bill Evans go through a warm up routine in Paris and work through different tunes - mostly focused on an emerging new composition titled: Something For You. https://soundcloud.com/stephane-odinet/bill-evans-decouverte-du-piano-a-cardin