Film Screen Shots

Here are a few screen shots from watching the film from start to finish
Screen Shots from Watching the Film  Start of film 02  An early room-mate and friend of Bill Evans - Jazz Pianist Warren Barnhardt 03  Interviews with Bill Evans are inserted at key points in the film 04  Personal insights into Bill Evans as a child from Debby Evans (Waltz for Debby)
05  Several artist such as Bob Crimi provide interesting insights into what Bill Evans meant to those who love art as well as music 06  The film includes key moments in the evolution of jazz piano prior to Bill Evans 07  People who played with Bill share their own thoughts on what Bill's music represents 08  The film goes in-depth on the landmark recording Kind of Blue, covering each major artist such as John Coltrane
09  The film was very fortunate to capture people like Bob Brookmeyer who passed away before the film was released in November 2015 10  The film digs into some of Bill's personal relationships, such as Peri who had a full understanding of jazz unlike most people 11  Bill Evans comments on his time with Miles Davis 12  Throughout the film, bass player Gary Peacock gives his own personal opinions on the impact of Bill Evans
13  Perhaps one of the best interviews throughout the film comes from Paul Motian who shares very specific details about his time with Bill Evans 14  The film includes some sessions of Bill Evans playing in concert 15  The film includes comments from Bill's last trio including last moments before Bill's death 16  The film concludes with interesting snippets from a wide range of people who were deeply touched by Bill Evans