Countless Interviews

Bruce Spiegel spent eight years talking to anyone who knew Bill Evans. Here is a sample of some of the interviews that were included in this documentary film.
Chuck Israels  Chuck Israels on who was Bill Evans? Larry Willis  Jazz pianist Larry Willis on the music of Bill Evans Rom Ferri  Rom Ferri, an early friend and musician explaining Bill's commitment to the music Felix Leiche  Felix Leiche remembering Bill's time at Southeastern Louisiana University
Louis Kohnop  Southeastern Professor Louis Kohnop on Bill's classical piano playing Frank Collett  Pianist Frank Collett on Bill's harmonies and compositions. Collett passed away in 2016 just after the film was released Fred Terry  Fred Terry, drummer who played with Bill when he got started in jazz Russ Locandra  Russ Locandra recounts his time playing with Bill in central New Jersey
Gloria Sanders  Gloria Sanders, Scott Lafaro's girl friend on Scott and Bill. The song Gloria's Step was written for Gloria by Scott Lafaro and was played by the trio Orrin Keepnews  Riverside records producer Orrin Keepnews on his introduction to Bill and the two sides of Bill Evans. Don Friedman  Jazz pianist Don Friedman on how Scott Lafaro played the bass and how Bill and Scott connected unlike most other musicians Ashley Khan  Ashley Khan, author of the book Kind of Blue: The Making of the Miles Davis Masterpiece, provided great insights throughout the film
Gene Lees  Gene Lees, long time friend of Bill, on Bill's playing and personal life Mary Williams  Mary Louise Williams recounts Bill's relationship with Peri. Bill wrote the song Peri's Scope for Peri Dissection of the Music  The film does an outstanding job at dissecting albums and songs of Bill including an in-depth discussion of Kind of Blue Chris Rudolf  Chris Rudolf, son of Helen Keane on Bill's personal life and legacy. Helen Keane was Bill's producer for 18 years
Mundell Lowe  Jazz Guitarist Mundell Lowe on his first and last encounter with Bill Evans Bill Charlap  Bill Charlap dissects and explains the unique sound of Bill Evans Pat Evans  Pat Evans on the two brothers Bill and Harry Evans. Bill was extremely close to his older brother Harry who also played the piano Bill Zavatsky  Throughout the film, New York poet Bill Zavatsky shares many of the personal conversations he had with Bill Evans