Cartagena Film Festival (FICCI)

FICCI screening on March 4, 2017 in Cartagena, Colombia South America
Cartagena Film Festival  The Cartagena Film Festival or FICCI is the longest running film festival in Latin America. I have to thank my wife Carmen for helping make this happen. Very Well Established and Respected  Touring the town of Cartagena and learning more about FICCI - I came away very impressed. This organization is very well respected and supportive of great film making Initial Screening in Training Room  Our screening took place in a somewhat tight and full training room. It was nice to see some younger people in the crowd. Outside of the Facility  FICCI has extensive facilities and training related to film making. We were booked on the second floor for our screening.
Online Press Coverage  Gonzalo Restrepo (left) and German Ossa (right) helped secure press coverage for my film. Many thanks to the people who helped get the word out. Friends on Hand  We had some good friends on hand to turn out and support our visit here in Cartagena, Colombia South America. Planning and Interviews  In addition to screening the film, I had a chance to conduct some interviews to help promote the film in South America. Radio Interview  Here is a radio interview I did with Spanish Radio. They've been around since 1937. You can learn more about them at:
Spanish Radio Interview  A close up shot of my interview with - Spanish Radio Very Good Interview  My interview with RTVE (Spanish Radio) was very enjoyable and they were highly appreciative of my film. Bill Evans Fans  There are some very serious Bill Evans fans in South America - they had their own stories and viewpoints that were interesting to listen to. Warm and Friendly People  We found a lot of younger and very friendly people who loved the film and the music of Bill Evans
Marlon Becerra  We did a private screening of the film for Marlon Becerra who is a wealthy dentist in Colombia and a big Bill Evans fan. A Final Shot  The country of Colombia is wonderful - I think a lot of people shy away from it by mistake. I would encourage anyone to visit and check it out.