Two Screenings in London

The Doc n Roll Festival hosted two screenings of the film in London on November 12th and 13th, 2016
Inside the Club  83 people attended the screening on Saturday afternoon at the Ronnie Scotts jazz club Outside of Ronnie Scotts in London  Bruce Spiegel outside of the club - Ronnie Scotts continues to attract some of the best talent in jazz Club Owner  It was nice to talk to the Club Owner (left) about the club and the times Bill Evans played here Memories from Ronnie Scotts  You can easily find and leave with some fond memories when you visit this jazz club - Ronnie Scotts in London
Colm Forde  Colm Forde (right) was the guy who made the London screenings possible. He did all the heavy work. Questions and Answers  We had a good robust question and answer session immediately after showing the film Audience Questions  Some of the questions from the audience were hard to answer, such as why Bill Evans was on drugs throughout his life Vanessa Lobon Garcia  Bruce Spiegel with Vanessa Lobon Garcia who co-founded the Doc N Roll Festival. Vanessa is a big promoter of independent films.
London Support  Carmen and Bruce Spiegel with Tony who made our visit in London very easy Big Bill Evans Fan  A fan of Bill Evans recounts how he loved his music, but never had the courage to speak to Bill Evans when he heard him at the club John Flannery  Radio / TV Journalist John Flannery (left) was a great moderator for the screening at Ronnie Scotts Ronnie Scott  A picture of Ronnie Scott at the jazz club. Several photos of Bill Evans were also hanging on the wall.
Final Jazz Club Photo  A final picture in front of Ronnie Scotts before departing this great jazz club in London Second Screening  We had a second screening at the Picturehouse on Sunday, November 13, 2016 More Screenings  A few of folks attending the screening expressed interest in seeing more screenings of the film. We may have one or two more screenings in England.