Bill Evans Album Covers

Here is a collection of album covers with some comments from some of the lesser known and best known boxed sets of Bill Evans
A Day in the Life  An early recording with Tony Scott that includes a lot of swing type tunes The Singing Reed  One of the first recordings of Bill Evans with singer Lucy Reed. The piano playing does a very nice job of knowing when to come in and out to support the singing of each song. A few songs such as My Love is a Wanderer and Lazy Afternoon highlight the piano playing Complete Boxed Set - Riverside Recordings  Perhaps the best boxed set ever released of Bill Evans - all of his Riverside Recordings. The unreleased solo tracks were a major surprise when this came out. Brandeis Concert  Recorded in New York City in 1957. About 6 minutes and 45 seconds into the song All About Rosie really highlights Bill Evans and his ability to improvise. The song All Set also stands out. The final 3 tracks are taken from the Newport Jazz Festival with Don Elliott and Bill Evans
Guys and Dolls  An early recording of Bill Evans with the Eddie Costa Quartet. The Ivory Hunters  Interplay between two pianist - you can tell that Bill Evans leaves openings for others to participate. You also hear shades of Lennie Tristano on this release. Most note worthy is The Man I Love - played nice and slow Jazz in the Space Age  One of the more "way out" recordings of Bill Evans with George Russell Jazz at the Plaza - Miles Davis  A live date with Miles Davis and Bill Evans that illustrates how the group played together while on the road
Tenderly  A good home recording made at Elliott's studio in Connecticut in 1956 and 1957. Most note worthy is the very nice blues track (Blues #1) with each musician playing against one another. The Secret Sessions  A boxed set that contains some songs not frequently heard such as I'll Remember April. The quality of the recording does not do a very good job of capturing the trio's playing. Hilversum Concert  This recording has been released twice in Europe. Most note worthy is a great swinging version of Stella by Starlight. This is a very good release that you can listen to on YouTube. Complete Boxed Set - Verve  This was a hard to come by boxed set, but it was real joy to go through with some interesting out-takes such as from Trio 64.
Emily  This CD captures three sessions - 1964 in Sweden, 1969 in Italy and ends with Quarter Tone Experiments with Herb Geller on flute. Perhaps the best rendition of Emily appears on this release (it also shows up on the Lund 75 / Helsinki 1970 CD) Live in Hamburg 1972  The first six songs capture a live concert from Hamburg Germany in 1972. The second CD includes Herb Geller on flute. Suggest you watch the video on the rehearsal session to gain insights into how jazz is created. Live in Stockholm 1965  Recorded at the Golden Circle in 1965. A haunting and swinging version of What is this Thing Called Love stands out. There is some intense and strong playing on songs such as Funkarello and All of You. Live in Paris 65  Entire session is really nice. Opens with Elsa and features some strong and hard playing on tracks such as I Should Care and How Deep is the Oceon
Nirvana  Bill Evans majored in Flute and had an appreciation for flute players such as Herbie Mann. As is the case with many recordings, Bill knows when to come in and out to fully support musicians Paris 1972 - Volume 1 of 3  The piano for this recording was very well prepared and you can hear a great sound from the piano from this series of recordings (three volumes). Paris 1972 - Volume 2 of 3  The interplay between the trio is really easy to enjoy on these recordings given the tempo and space that takes place Paris 1972 - Volume 3 of 3  Some of the songs, such as Detour Ahead, seem to be played as though the trio is singing the song including the words
Top of the Gate  This recording comes across with some loud volume, but the trio considered this one of their home bases within New York City Live in Europe - Volume 1 of 2  This is another rare bootleg that has OK sound quality - includes a few rare live songs such as Lover Man. Some of the songs are partial takes. Appears most of these concerts were in France - EPM label in France. Live in Europe - Volume 2 of 2  More live sessions with straight up and easy to digest songs from the trio. Opens with Up with the Lark. Like Volume 1, some tunes, such as Sugar Plum are partial recordings. The set ends with Goodbye. Getting Sentimental  This live recording from the Village Vanguard tends to highlight the drummer (Philly Joe Jones) given the close proximity of the microphone to the drummer. But still a good set from the Vanguard. Opens with I Should Care. Songs include Gary's Theme, Theme from Mash and When I Fall in Love
Bill Evans with Monica Zetterlund  The opening four songs from the trio are some of the strongest playing you will hear - very intense followed by a set with Monica Zetterlund (audio quality is not very good). This entire CD was re-issued and titled Lund 1975 / Helsinki 1970 Live in Ottawa  Perhaps the best concert captured of the trio in Canada. The opening song Midnight Mood opens and unfolds nicely to set the tone for a very nice concert. You can tell the audience is highly appreciative of the trio. Momentum  Two CD set from a recording in The Netherlands on February 4, 1972. A relaxed live session with a very slow opening of Re: Person I Knew. Songs include Sugar Plum, Gloria's Step, Elsa, Emily, Who Can I Turn To, and My Romance. Paris 1974  Another live date in Paris with a very appreciative audience on hand. Songs include Twelve Tone Tune, Two Lonely People, Sugar Plum, Waltz for Debby and Goodbye.
Sesjun Radio Shows  Good quality recording from 3 live broadcast sessions in 1975 and 1979. Playing is solid throughout. Trio songs include Some Other Time, Blue Serge, and Blue in Green. CD 2 includes Toot Thielemans. Most note worthy is a Thieleman's original titled Bluesette Symbiosis  One of the more interesting recordings of Bill Evans - a departure from the usual sets based on movements arranged by Claus Ogerman. The slower movements at the end stand out. Boxed Set - Fantasy Recordings  Another great boxed set that covers the Fantasy releases such as I Will Say Goodbye and Since We Met Ljubljana Concert  A live broadcast from Slovenia on June 10, 1972. The quality of the recording does not do justice to the playing by the trio. Bill introduces many of the tunes. Ends with a 16 minute version of Nardis
Carnegie Hall  Two brief solo concerts from Carnegie Hall with introduction by Dr. Billy Taylor. Very well recorded and captured - most note worthy is a rare playing of the song You Don't Know What Love Is. Half Moon Bay  Good recording with an attentive audience on hand - recorded on November 4, 1973 in California. Opens with Waltz for Debby. Songs include Time Remembered (labeled Sareen Jurer), Autumn Leaves, Elsa and Quiet Now. The Paris Concert - Edition 1 of 2  A very nice recording from Paris on November 26, 1979. Considered by Marc Johnson to be one of the better recordings of the trio while he played with Bill. Songs include Quiet Now, All Mine and Beautiful Love. Most note worthy is I Loves You Porgy. The Paris Concert - Edition 2 of 2  The second edition of this classic Bill Evans concert from Paris. I really nice opening of Re: Person I Knew. Songs include Letter to Evan, Gary's Theme and 34 Skidoo.
Lund and Helsinki  Most of this CD is a cleaner sounding version of the Monica Zetterlund bootleg which features a concert of the trio and a concert with Monica Zetterlund. The first two songs (Emily and Alfie) are from Lund in 1975. Consecration - Keystone Korner  This is a very beautiful live set from San Francisco. Most note worthy is how Bill plays different versions of Re: Person I Knew to open each set. This is the last final boxed set that I would highly recommend for Bill Evans fans. Live at Casale Monferrato  Recorded in Piedmont Italy on November 30, 1979. Contains two CD's and has somewhat of the same feel as the Paris 1979 concert (also two CD's). Buenos Aires - Volume 1 of 2  Another nice concert of Bill Evans before a very excited audience that seems to react to Bill Evans as though he was a rock star.
Buenos Aires - Volume 2 of 2  There is a certain calmness to this recording and a strong connection between the trio and the audience. Most note worthy is the slow opening of Stella by Starlight Balboa Jazz Club  This is very solid live recording in a small club. Most note worthy is the intense feeling that comes across in Bill's playing of Two Lonely People. If You Could See Me Now is also very strong. You can feel the energy in this small jazz club in Spain. One of my favorite final concerts of Bill Evans. Eastman Theatre  Recorded in New York City in 1977. The sound quality is not great, but it does document another nice session by the Bill Evans trio. Songs include Emily, Summertime, Some Other Time and My Romance. Homecoming  A nice recording with a somewhat haunting sound of Re: Person I Knew to open. Most note worthy is the slow and unfolding version of I Loves You Porgy.
Turn Out the Stars - Ronnie Scotts  This was the last time Bill Evans played at Ronnie Scotts in London. It was recorded on August 2, 1980 before a very respectful and quiet audience. Songs include Laurie, Peau Douce and I Do it for Your Love. Final Vanguard Recordings  This appears to be the last recording of the Bill Evans Trio. Most note worthy are some songs not usually heard - such as But Not For Me.