New Haven Screening

Screening in New Haven on September 24, 2016
Site of Screening  The screening took place at the Neighborhood School near Yale University Screening Room  The Neighborhood School rented and tested equipment one day before the event Planning the Event  Noah Bloom, Programming Manager for the School meets with Debby Evans late Friday to plan the event Newspaper Coverage  Debby Evans was able to get the local newspaper to announce the event
Bill Evans Fan  A fan of Bill Evans from Springfield arrives early and talks to Debby and Matt Evans Full House  The screening room was full with about 100 people including folks from the Hartford Jazz Society Very Appreciative Crowd  Almost everyone who attended stayed after the film to greet and thank Bruce Spiegel Debby and Friends  Debby Evans made sure her local friends were on hand to enjoy the film
Lots of Discussion  The Q & A and discussion after the film went on for over one hour - people were very moved by the film School Instructors  Bruce Spiegel with the Director of Jazz Studies (left side) and the Piano Teacher (right side) from the Neighborhood School Good Friend Martha  A good friend of Carmen Spiegel, Martha Tobin, holding a promotional DVD copy of the film. The commercial DVD should be available in January 2017 Bruce and Debby  And finally, Bruce Spiegel with Debby Evans who hosted the film