New School Screening - NYC

Screening at the New School in NYC on August 25, 2016.
New School Student Center  The screening was moved to the Student Center to ensure everyone had a seat Screening Venue  Thanks to New School for providing a great venue for screening the film. Audience (1 of 3)  We had a full audience for the screening Audience (2 of 3)  Another view of the audience before the screening
Audience (3 of 3)  A third and final view of the audience before the screening The Man Responsible  Phillip Ballman, Director of Jazz Studies was responsible for making this screening happen. A Very Important Person  Another important person - Judy Bell who is Creative Director at Tro-Essex Music, publisher for many of Bill Evans' compositions Dear Old Friend  My old friend Ted Glass with my cousin Jose Luis Weiss
CBS Icon  Susan Zirinsky - an icon at CBS. Susan has been Executive Director of 48 Hours since 1996 and previously served as Director of Political Reporting for CBS. Friends and Cousin Mariai  More friends - Eddie and Sammy Glass (sons of Ted Glass) and my cousin Mariai Elisa Dorilian Schecter  Dorilian Schecter, long-time editor at 48 hours and a dear friend Two More Cousins  My two cousins, Jose Luis (3rd from the right) and Syayna (1st from the right)
Gail Zimmerman and Husband  Gail Zimmerman, producer at 48 Hours with her husband The amazing Malachi Samedy  Malachi Samedy - Recipient of the 2015 NAACP Youth Award and considered one of the 12 most talented Tiny Child Prodigies in the World by Huffington Post nyc-ns-14  Barbara Anel, sister of my wife Carmen who loved the film and would like to see the film screened in Philadelphia. Judy Tygard  Judy Tygard, Executive Senior Producer at 48 Hours and CBS News. Judy thinks every jazz student should see this film.
Malachi with Mom and Carmen  Good friends Martha (left side) with her son Malachi and my wife Carmen on the right The Bruce Spiegel Family  The Bruce Spiegel family - son Joey on the left with his future wife Lyka, Ashley, Christina (holding the DVD), my daughter Tatiana and wife Carmen