Baton Rouge Showing

The Baton Rouge showing took place at the Manship Theatre on November 8, 2015
Manship Theatre  Bruce arrives at the Manship Theatre for the Sunday showing of the film Bruce and Joey Spiegel  Bruce with son Joey enjoy some time on the Mississippi River in Baton Rouge Bruce Posing with Annabelle  Bruce poses for pictures with Annabelle Armstrong, a local writer who knew Bill Evans Zia Bruce and Edward  Bruce with jazz broadcaster Zia Tammami and artist Edward Pramuk. Many thanks to these two guys for promoting the film - Zia on the radio and Ed with his art work.
Baton Rouge Group Photo  Bruce with Annabelle Armstrong, Zia Tammami and Edward Pramuk; three local residents who have long supported the music of Bill Evans More Conversations  More conversations with Bruce, son Joey and local fans of Bill Evans - Annabelle and Edward Bruce and Bill Evans fan  Bruce with another local resident who loved the music of Bill Evans Bruce with Attendees  Louisiana residents share some time with producer Bruce Spiegel. Many people attending had their own personal stories about Bill Evans
More Discussion  More converstions after the film - Bruce is more than happy to spend some time with those who attend the film - there is still a lot to learn about the late great Bill Evans Great Showing  Bruce Spiegel was very pleased with the showing in Baton Rouge. The facility and support were outstanding. Manship Theatre  The Manship Theatre in Baton Rouge was an excellent facility for showing the film since the film features a lot of music, including songs from Miles Davis Kind of Blue Turn Out the Stars  Painting by local artist Edward Pramuk titled: Turn Out the Stars