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Letter from Bill Evans

A Final Letter to Pat Evans

On May 5, 1980, Bill Evans wrote a final letter to Pat Evans:

Dear Pat –

Sorry I have been so long to respond but I have been in a very self-destructive period which I hope has run its course. I ran my financial estate to near disaster – owe 2 years taxes, car was repossessed for a few days, phone shut off, etc. – all from extreme expenditures and use of C. Finally went for help – Hypnotherapy mixed with regular therapy and recently arranged to have my income except for alimony sent directly to my Accountant who will pay my bills, etc. I will put you on the list and hopefully it won’t be forever before something can be done to answer your request.

Meanwhile – because this record for Harry recorded in 78 has yet to be released – I included this song for Harry now titled “We Will Meet Again” as a solo piano track on the latest album – just released. It is dedicated to his memory and is titled We Will Meet Again after the song. I will have Helen send 4 to 5 copies to you, Deb, Matt and Erin.

Nanette and I are in the process of amicable divorce which will probably be final in a month or so. Think of all of you often and send my love always – Tell Matt and Erin to call me whenever they feel they need me. Love, Bill