Four Bonus Videos

1- Initial Screening in Louisiana: Bruce Spiegel and his family travel to Louisiana to unveil the film in Hammond, New Orleans, and Baton Rouge. This bonus film also includes additional excerpts from the film, audience reaction to the showings, and acknowledgements of people who helped make the film possible.

2 - Helen Keane: This bonus footage includes rare insights from Helen Keane, Bill’s manager for 18 years. This bonus film also includes commentary from Gene Lees, editor of DownBeat Magazine and Chris Rudolf, Helen Keane’s son.

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3 and 4 - Bonus Interviews with Connie Atkinson and Frank Collett
Sometimes people not connected to the process of making a film ask me the same question - Why did you do this, meaning for me it's the age-old question of what's in it for me. They can't comprehend all the effort. The film takes a long time, it costs you a lot of money to go talk and interview people where you . . . . . Read Complete Notes

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First Showings of the Film in Louisiana

"Seven years and 40 interviews later I was about to show my Bill Evans Time Remembered film to the students at Southeastern in Hammond, Louisiana where Bill went to school some 50 years ago . . I was really nervous and pretty scared . . what if they didn't like the movie . " . . READ MORE

The Two Brothers As I Knew Them

Prior to her death in 2013, Pat Evans wrote an excellent paper on the relationship between Bill and Harry Evans titled: The Two Brothers as I Knew Them