A Complete and Concise Documentary

Bruce Spiegel has produced a complete documentary giving you insights into Bill Evans; not just the musician, but also the person. The film moves chronologically starting with Bill's childhood in New Jersey and culminating with details about his death.

"The film Bill Evans, Time Remembered took me 8 years to make. Eight years of tracking down anybody who knew Bill and who played with him, to try and find out as much as I could about the illusive and not easy to understand Bill Evans. I feel very honored to have had the chance to interview and get to know good guys that spent a lot of time with Bill: Billy Taylor, Gene Lees, Tony Bennett, Jack DeJohnette, Jon Hendricks, Jim Hall, Bobby Brookmeyer, Chuck Israels, Paul Motian, Gary Peacock, Joe LaBarbera. It was a once in a life time experience talking to these gifted talented guys about their time in jazz music, about their “Time Remembered“ with Bill Evans. - Bruce Spiegel"

"The film was a bull's eye at capturing as much as one can capture of someone's music, pain, and life story. My family is forever grateful to your outstanding work." - Debby Evans (Waltz for Debby)"

"The film is musically intriguing and sensitively crafted. Not soppy with just the right amount of honesty regarding his personal life." - Nenette Evans

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  • About Bruce Spiegel

    For the last 25 years, Bruce Spiegel has been a producer/editor at CBS News/48 Hours. During that time, Spiegel produced, edited and directed a number of films and documentaries. In 2002 he co-produced the award-winning TV documentary “9-11” which won both an Emmy (2002) and Peabody Award (2003). In 2012, alongside Wynton Marsalis and Hugh Masakela (South African music legend), Spiegel co-produced a CBS News/48 Hours TV documentary titled “Nelson Mandela: Father of a Nation”.

Interviews with Bruce Spiegel

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Birth of the Film

There was a crystal moment when you knew for certain this Bill Evans movie was going to happen. And it was all due to drummer Paul Motian. But let me digress .. Read More

Closing Thoughts

"I think I had done my story some justice. The film showing in Louisiana was a big success. I know that a lot of people were happy they saw and experienced the film. I felt it in my bones, I had done the right thing. I know Bill would be smiling today, you brought the film to the right people, my friends, my family and my fellow players who knew me well. I hope the film has a good life, that many people will see and hear of Bill’s music:, a great American artist that shouldn’t be forgotten. I hope the film goes a long way to making that happen." - Bruce Spiegel

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